Workday App Reviews

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So easy !

Very intuitive app... So Great to have everything under the same app!

It works

Nice app but it keeps showing notifications even when all tasks are competed! Annoying

Fantastic! This is how a business app show work!

Great usability, very rich functionality (analytics and actions!). Finally an HR and FIN solution for the business that just works!

Great UI

This APP is great. As a Manager I dont want to miss it anymore. It is simply the Desktop Version of Workday in a mobile App. Great UI and it gives me great insights about my people, their Talent and Needs.

Best App for workday

Now I can manage my whole team from my iPhone/iPad on the go.

Decent app

Lets me do approvals from my mobile which is very helpful. The previous version had performance issues, but this version works very well.

Doesnt recognize my workplace website or tenant.

So Im stuck using the mobile website.

Does not load

We use adfs for auth. Anyone who has updated to .11027 can not login due to a certificate error.


Work rolled this joke of a time keeper around a month ago. It has been nothing but headaches and stressful. They havent showed anyone how to operate it they just washed there hands of it. Using this program is like licking an ache tray wile some taps your forehead and makes you name 10 chocolate bars. I have to prep myself everyday when putting my time in just so I dont throw my computer on the ground.

Amazing Enterprise Software Service!

Fantastic capabilities

No noticeable bugs, but slower than before

The "performance enhancements" of this update actually slowed it down. Unfortunately I cant revert to the old version because theyve made it evergreen (the app wont run until updated). Makes for a pretty terrible and condescending user experience.

Wont download

I guess theyre updating the app because its close to a week and its still hasnt downloaded onto my phone. Its in limbo and I cant delete it and cant use it. My phone is still "waiting".

Not user friendly

The app is a good example of how not to build a hybrid app. Its essentially the worst of both worlds. The web parts are subpar, slow and prone to failure to load. The native parts are "uncooperative" with the web parts. Pick a side please.

Frustrating - the app I would love to delete

Only use it because work instituted it. Being unable to use it without updating to the latest version is stupid. When you need to access it, but dont have the bandwidth to download software, you have lost use of the app. For anyone that travels, not much use. Rethink.

Technology company that makes enterprise applications.

If you get a chance to read the Workday blog it is well worth the time. Hiding behind the pretty interface is some pretty slick technology. Its nice to know whatever changes come from a user interface or device perspective all of the logic and data we put into Workday will continue to work. I used to implement ERPs and it was a nightmare for everyone to "re-platform" or upgrade just for the sake of upgrading because of technological obsolescence. That alone gives this app and the accompanying software five stars for me - and all I get to use is employee self service ;) so far...


If I could give negative stars I would

Authenticity Issues with iPhone

Downloaded this app for work use a month ago, still cant log in with user and PW. Deleted app and reinstalled. Same issue. Client is correct, but still cant use this app.

Poor app

Shows very little pay stub info. App very rarely lets you connect.

App doesnt work with iOS 10.0.2

When I open the app, my company name loads, but then the screen goes blank and I cant do anything. It is also extremely annoying to have to login every time I use the app.

Not functioning

With last update its not opening

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